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11 Wells Spirits Co. Interview/Profile

Full Name of Business & Address.

11 Wells Spirits Co.

704 Minnehaha Ave N

Saint Paul, MN 55106

Website & Contact Information.

What are your hours?

Cocktail Room, 5-9 Thursday, 5-10 Friday, 4-10 Saturday

Tours of the distillery by appointment.

Please answer these in more detail...

1. How does your business represent the ideals of craftsmanship and artisan quality?

11 Well Spirits prides itself on using Minnesota grown grains and MN Barrels to produce handcrafted whiskies, rums, and other craft spirits in small batches from grain to bottle. All of our spirits are produced in house and aged on site. Each whiskey released is selected and blended to reflect our vision of each variety we produce.

2. What is your story? How did the business come to be?

Located in the historic Hamm's Brewery on Minnehaha Avenue in St. Paul, 11 Wells is proud to be part of the revitalization of the Payne Avenue Corridor. 11 Wells is found in the old Blacksmith and Millwright Shop buildings on the vast Hamm's site.  These buildings are home to our production facility and Cocktail Room. 11 Wells was founded on our passion for making great whiskey and spirits from farm field to glass for our customers and community. We believe in handcrafting spirits born from both tradition and experimentation to develop our versions of classic as well as innovative products. Drawing on the deep moon-shining and bootlegging traditions of Sterns County, Minnesota, made nationally famous by Al Capone during prohibition, 11 Wells uses heritage varieties of grain including MN 13 corn released by the University of Minnesota in 1897. Standing on the traditions of our state's agricultural spirit and distilling history, and experimenting with new and exciting methods and ingredients we tie history and innovation together.

3. What makes your company unique and/or special?

11 Wells is Veteran owned and operated. We are very involved in the local community and participate in many community fundraising activities. Our use of heritage varieties of grain and our relationship with our farmers allows us to make the kind of spirits we enjoy, and our customers love.   

4. What is your personal favorite beverage you produce? Why?

My personal favorite is our Straight Rye whiskey, It's rich and bold, with lots of subtle spice and oak undertones that drinks well any time.

5. Do you have any events coming up? Tell us about them...

Information provided by:
Seth Reid
11 Wells Spirits Co.
704 Minnehaha Ave. E 
St. Paul, MN 55106
Cell- 763-257-2347