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BUILD A CUSTOM Live-Virtual Cuisine Session/Class/Get-together

BUILD A CUSTOM Live-Virtual Cuisine Session/Class/Get-together

$599.00 $229.00

Our LIVE/VIRTUAL Cuisine Instructors make this an unforgettable moment. We make food classes FUN, entertaining and international : )

You are purchasing 1 full cooking class with a LIVE-VIRTUAL International instructor. We deliver this LIVE VIDEO instruction via SKYPE which is quick/easy/free to download and use-----plus the quality is quite good. Here are the steps:

1. Pick your cuisine style from the list below.

2. Purchase the class.

3. Once a class is purchased we will contact you to find out your cuisine preference and to schedule out the date and time of the instruction.

4. We will email you 2-3 choices of instructors; pick whomever appears the best fit.  

5. Once we know the instructor you choose he/she will have a few questions for you to answer prior to the instruction.

6. Make sure you have an internet connection, with camera and skype. We will email you any last information you may need.

7. That's it.....ENJOY your lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We focus on ALL of the following incredible culinary destinations....

Central European cuisines

Eastern European cuisine

Northern European cuisines


Southern European cuisines

Main article: Mediterranean cuisine

Western European cuisines


Caribbean cuisine

Jamaican jerk spice chicken, rice, plantain and a honey biscuit
Note: Seafood is one of the most common cuisine types in the islands, though this is certainly due in part to their location. Each island will likely have its own specialty. Some prepare lobster or conch, while others prefer certain types of fish or sharks.