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Now Lower Price!!! "Guaranteed" Four (4) "Applicants" for $79 - Disrupting the way we currently source STEM & Academic talent!!!

Now Lower Price!!! "Guaranteed" Four (4) "Applicants" for $79 - Disrupting the way we currently source STEM & Academic talent!!!

$499.00 $79.00



Question... DO YOU NEED TO HIRE STEM (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering or Math resources), K-12 OR HIGHER EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS??? 

Looking for Education Executives....Deans? Principals? Provosts? How about Science/Technology/Engineering/Math resources for either Corporate OR Educational institutions? Education Administration professionals...Education Faculty......STEM Professionals..........Scientists..... Engineers.... Mathematicians... I.T. Pros.... We touch EVERY SINGLE area of STEM, K-12 & HIGHER EDUCATION Globally bar none................

  Sick of paying absurd prices with NO guarantees? Well--OUR MEMBERS MAKE THE BEST EMPLOYEES!!!!!!!!!! 

***We are not sending you generic resumes....We are not head hunting.... We are sending people (members) who actually hit the "apply now" button and submit their resume....*****

FINALLY.................GUARANTEED RESULTS for only $79!!!! We are essentially disrupting the way people source academic talent............You WILL RECEIVE Applicants/Resumes or your money back....

*****We are NOT just sending you generic resumes from job boards. We post this job to our group(s) and members/people who are interested APPLY.*****

Imagine sourcing the BEST candidates from the largest Educational Network in the world..........It's now possible for the very first time....

For many positions you need to hire for, you don’t just want someone who is qualified and can do the job...In essence---you want someone who takes pride in their work and has some kind of passion for it. Two quick qualities we look for; look for accomplishments and detect a career path.

If you see these on the resume, it normally belongs in the YES pile.

Want to try something different than generic Job Boards and/or Head Hunters?

Our very cost effective Four (4) Resumes for $99 plan might be an IDEAL alternative....

How does it work?

  • Simply purchase the highly discounted Four (4) Applicants/Resumes for $99.00 offering....
  • After that----either use the CONTACT US button in the bottom right of the screen or email with your resource need. If you email us put the words THREE RESUMES in the subject line.
  • Sit back and relax...The ROI is swift...
  • We'll send you Four (4) resumes of interested people that have APPLIED for the job via our enormous member base. We even review applicants from a skills, experience and education perspective before we send them over.
  • Note - We screen in terms of skills, experience and education------We have 6.5 million people in network and almost 750,000 people who have joined our opt-in managed groups----hence----we have a lot of exceptional people FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD applying for many different jobs from many different backgrounds, etc...***THIS IS A WIN-WIN for everyone involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Are there other fees involved if we hire the candidate you send over?

A - NO

2. Do you include candidate contact information when you send resumes over?

A - Yes absolutely.

More questions? eMail for more information.